Audio and Video created by Woji and Noisulate

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  • This collection of audio and video work are investigations into different sonic environments. These include various locations in both urban and rural areas of the East Midlands of England. Artworks on this page are by Woji with critical and artistic input from Noisulate. This text provides further understanding of why and how the videos and audio were formulated. 
  •  The videos titled, ‘Sound Box’ (2020) and ‘The Sound of Light’ (2020) were recorded with hybrid technology. The audio consists of electromagnetic pulses captured from local transformer boxes and cabinets. They were located around the grounds of Armstrong’s Mill, a historical Derbyshire building. The electromagnetic pulses were recorded with a copper coil, which translates light from the non-visible light spectrum into audible sound. The videos contain HD moving images of the transformers which are then visually altered with software to highlight the audio.
  • Woji and Noisulate worked together on the innovative audio/video art titled ‘Viaduct’ (2020), which are video recordings and audio recordings from a Nottinghamshire viaduct. Comprised of audio recordings, which include the sounds of the natural environment, and vibrations recorded with contact microphones. Contact mic’s picked up the vibration of the metal structure, which would make noise with the wind. The vibrations of the viaduct which are included in the video cannot be heard without such intervention, as the sounds from this location are always present, but are hidden in plain sight. The Bennerley viaduct is a grade II listed building, meaning it is of significant historical interest and must be preserved. The result of this joint investigation was an exploration into a location with a history of noise.
  • Some of the videos are field recordings of specific sites which contain aural events. The material for the artwork was harvested from the surrounding environment. Because of this dynamic Woji takes an empathic approach to listening in different environments. These videos include, ‘American Adventure’, ‘Ambient Rural’, ‘Rail Soundings’, ’Weather System’, ‘Demolished’ and ‘Wollaton Water’.
  • Some of the videos also include generated audio which form original sound compositions. The audio was generated with hybrid technology, such as different physical synthesizers and MIDI software. These videos include, ‘10pm Glow’, ‘Landing’, ‘Growth’.
  • Additionally, some videos are compositions and field recordings together. These videos include, ‘Remote’, ‘Purple Tree’, ‘Dovedale Cow’, ‘Forest Sounds’, ‘Natwest Hole’, ‘Winding’, ‘Steamy’, ‘Windy’, ‘Glitch Field’, ‘Metal Bones’, ‘Ombre’, and ‘Great Northern’, 
  • The video footage was captured from July to September 2020, Woji and Noisulate are based in the UK. Woji is from Florida, USA, and Noisulate is from Derbyshire, UK.